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Bowling Green, OH



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All cameras available at "3-for-5" (three days charge for five days rental). 

All rates per day

Panasonic HPX-600 P2 camera package

Includes Fujinon 17x lens, A-T short shotgun, zoom control, AC adapter, 3 Hytron 50 batteries and tripod, up to 4 P2 cards as available.


Panasonic HPX-250 P2 camera package

Includes A-T short shotgun, AC adapter, 3 Panasonic batteries and tripod, up to 3 P2 cards as available


Panasonic 32GB E-Series P2 card

2 available


Panasonic 16GB R-Series P2 card

9 available


Cavision 2-stage matte box

Includes rails, supports 4"x4" and 4"x 5.6" filters; Select 5 filters from our current collection for no added charge


Cavision dual-wheel follow focus control

Includes rails


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