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Producing is about management, resources, and vision. E2HD's backstory includes it all. 

For over a decade, E2HD, known through 2013 as Exponent Events, has been serving niche B2B and institutional clients as a boutique-level communications producer. Glenn Burris is now the sole principal of the company, and has been producing visual content professionally since 1988.


E2HD projects range across numerous training and promotion concepts, and serve brands like Land O’ Lakes, BankersLab, Penn State University’s Miner Training Program, Mennel Milling, The All Hazards Training Center at The University of Findlay (and the university proper), and Bowling Green State University. 


With Findlay All Hazards, E2 pioneered large-scale training webcasts under grant auspices from the Center for Disease Control, and the US Departments of Justice, Labor, and Homeland Security.

We travel well: The US Department of State funded an Exponent project in West Africa in 2011, and other productions have taken our team to Europe and Thailand. Meanwhile, websites (often video-rich) became a forte as the primary platform for video delivery became the Internet.


We build a team for every project from associates who carry a wide portfolio of skills. This can include illustrators, web coding experts, nationally credited Directors of Photography, animators, sound designers, and other specialists. This ensures that clients get only the services needed, but also connects their projects to specialists who are truly expert at their skills.


Finally, E2 is a hardware intensive brand, currently boasting numerous 4K cameras. We carry our own lighting and sound kits, and editing and composting is done in-house as well. By being technically complete, we can be flexible in our budgeting, and remain truly responsive to incidental production needs.

"Findlay ESOH", a recruiting message for

The Department of Environmental Science and

Occupational Health at The University of Findlay

"Introducing ScoringLab", a product introduction for BankersLab, that uses only images available from stock libraries and the client's archives.

"Underground Stone:Pre-Shift Inspection", one of many specialized training video clips that E2 has created for Penn State's Miner Training Program.

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