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We understand needs, craft messages to suit, and keep the project under control. 

Video communication greets us everyday. Only thoughtful and competitive presentations rise above the rest. 


E2HD, call us 'E2' if you like, creates persuasive, effective moving pictures, presentations and platforms. We present concepts in the means best suited to your audience. E2 specializes in amplifying the niche message. 


And we do the really heavy lifting too: We manage the project diligently, controlling the budget, coordinating the work of our team to match the client's schedule, and maintaining a workflow that brings the show in on time.


Talk with us about your communication needs today, and we'll start replying with ideas immediately. 

"Findlay ESOH", a recruiting message for

The Department of Environmental Science and

Occupational Health at The University of Findlay

The success of our brand is rooted in three strengths:


Resources... Experience... And the consideration of each assignment in terms of its value to the client over time.  


That means E2HD has the tools and team to meet the requirements of any concept. And it says our history of diverse work contributes to every production in a meaningful way. More than anything, it means we want each client to find that the communication item we develop 

for them makes a positive return on their investment. 


Let's make a great show, site, or event.


And let's make sure it makes a difference for you once it is complete. 


Glenn Burris

Owner and Producer

E2HD & Exponent Events

Write Glenn: glenn@e2hd.com

"Messages From Mae Tao Clinic", an update for supporters of the Thailand refugee hospital, is an example of E2's overseas production history

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